A named contribution is a meaningful and lasting way to commemorate a person’s memory, celebration, or life milestone in a way that also benefits the Eugene Public Library.

Your kind gift is a way of guaranteeing that access to information and excellent programs will continue for the over 3,500 people who come to the library every day. The Eugene Public Library Foundation supports many library programs and materials with the help of generous donors like you. We hope you will have a measure of comfort and satisfaction, knowing that you are enriching the lives of so many.

Dr. Maurice Holland
Thank you, Jon & Randy Jean Hiltbrand, Sharon Schuman, Eunice Kjaer, Dennis & Patricia Hyatt, and Watkinson Laird Rubenstein

Barbara Bryan
Thank you, Bob & Kay Sogge

Claire Kelly
Thank you, Joan C. Kelly

Talulah, a beloved dog
Thank you, Myrna Joye Seifert

Norm & Hazel Smith
Thank you, Sylvia Emory

Ruth Furniss
Thank you, George Furniss

Dr. Winston Maxwell
Thank you, Llew Wells

Shirley Allen Tyree
Thank you, Ruth & Brian Erickson

Virginia M. Evans
Thank you, Alison Evans

Brady Lahr
Thank you, Beverly & Dean Lahr

Grace Ward
Thank you, Lewis Ward

Betty Dunlap
Thank you, Larry & Sandra Dunlap

Sara Orr Blonigen
Thank you, John Blonigen

Irene Junko Stumpf
Thank you, Dick Stumpf

George Rothbart
Thank you, Myron & Mary Rothbart

Agnes Hilton & Robert W. Hilton, Jr.
Thank you, Marcia & David Hilton

David Herrick
Thank you, Ann Herrick

Stephen Kessler
Thank you, Tricia Hedin

Ellen Galson Ritteman
Thank you, Patrick & Sofia McManus

Edward F. Wilson
Thank you, Marion Wilson

Donna Johns
Thank you, Nancy Shawver

Claudie Danonville
Thank you, Michelle Pellitier

Diane Norelius
Thank you, Kris Norelius

Martha Merritt
Thank you, Linda Merritt

Joe Hessler
Thank you, Ruthann Maguire

Goldie Scott
Thank you, Carolyn Kortge

Lorraine “Dixie” Stovall Woodside
Thank you, Margaret Holmes Tibbets

John Crumbley
Thank you, Cheryl Crumbley

My Grandmother, the Storyteller
Thank you, Beverly Chadburn

Julia Snell
Thank you, Ardas Calhoun

Louise Dean & Helen Keyser
Thank you, Hannah & James Dean

Joyce Osternig
Thank you, Louise Osternig & Marlene Iversen

Joan F. Lomont
Thank you, John & Linda Cummens

Garth Elmore
Thank you Trinity Wells, Price Floyd, and Rebecca Boozan

Mariah Schneider
Thank you, Judy Volem

Sandi Morgen
Thank you, Ellen Herman & Friends

Jan Guthrie
Thank you, Carol & Duane Hildebrand, Connie & Jim Regali, Sandra Carrick & Gary Mendenhall, Vicki Blackman, LaVena Nohrenberg, Michael & Francis Corno, John & Suzanne Pletta, Vincenza Scarpaci & Peter Roda, and Linda Fleming

Larry Liedtke
Thank you, Ted & Diane Dearborn

Rachel Rand
Thank you, Robert Rand, John & Sharon Rexford

Alex Gordon
Thank you to Suella Pipal & eleven generous donors

Kay Warner Hanson
Thank you, Chapter H. PEO Book Club

Bill Gilbert
Thank you, Steven Van Strum

Michael E. Harbour
Thank you, Jan Harbour

Thank you, Bob & Sharon Carter

Kiahsuang Shen Lo
Thank you, Ellen Todras & Mark Niedelman

Katherine England
Thank you, Marita Tallbott

Akam Lau Wong
Thank you, Warren Wong

The birthday of Mark Couet
Thank you, Richard Mombell & Chunchi Maribona

Monica Wilton
Thank you, Ann & David Fidanque

Siri Alexander
Thank you, Rajeev Alexander

Ellen Todras & Freddi Weishahn
Thank you, Jean Diamond

Irene Pabo
Thank you, Grace Swanson

Johanna Wright
Thank you, Robert Wright

Tara – My little star!
Thank you, Mary Lou Vignola

Susan Parker
Thank you, Will O’Hearn

Harper Grace Schneider
Thank you, Cheryl Gissiner

Kathie Wiper
Thank you, Nancy English

My Grandchildren, Jake, Allie, & Dillon
Thank you, Carole Diller

Nikola Luca Coltrane
Thank you, Wendy Wheeler-Coltrane

Victoria Coates
Thank you, Sarah Coates

My Grandkids
Thank you, Jean Snyder

Joanne Hugi
Thank you, Linda Cheney

Debbie Libeskind
Thank you, Cynthia Lewis-Berry

Bob Nelson
Thank you, Cynthia Nelson

Stephen Palmer
Thank you, Tabitha Palmer-DuPrau

Wayne Tate
Thank you, Joyce Owen

Suzie Johansen
Thank you, Kori Allen

Dr. Brian Robinson
Thank you, Northwest Anesthesia

Rama Buchanan
Thank you, Glenn & Renee Buchanan

Susan & Tom Fagan: Happy Anniversary!
Thank you, Suzy Crasilneck

Louise Joy Barrett
Thank you, Joe & Jo Ann Sengle

Linda Yeager
Thank you, Michael Liebling

Rob Daugherty, for his efforts on Imagination Library!
Thank you, Brian & Babette Jones