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In Conversation with: Dr. Lisa Price
The Biological and Cultural Construction of Race
September 11, 2020
Recommended Resource List (curated by Eugene Public Library)


Join us for an exploration of race as a biological and cultural construction. This discussion sheds new light on what race is, and will be interesting to those seeking additional context to understand the social movement, Black Lives Matter, that has gained strength and new allies over the course of the last few months.

Dr. Lisa Price, is a professor of anthropology at Oregon State University. Her background makes her uniquely qualified to share her expertise and insight on this topic. She regularly teaches a course at OSU on this same subject. Her international work includes consulting for scientific organizations and presenting at conferences on various aspects of diversity in education.

Dr. Price specializes in food systems, farming, food security, gender, agro-biodiversity, ethnobiology, and methodology development. Her research interests are primarily at the interface of human culture, specifically gender, and the food environment. Her geographic area of specialization is Mainland Southeast Asia, although her experience covers many countries in Asia and Africa as well as North America and the Pacific.