Where Does The Money Go?

We are sincerely grateful to all Foundation donors, partners and benefactors for their help expanding services at Eugene Public Library. In the past two years, Foundation funding for the library has exceeded $1 million, supporting the addition of groundbreaking services. Most of the funding efforts for these services got their start at Booked for the Evening, the Foundation’s premier benefit event. But, where does the money go, and how is it used?  We are committed to fulfilling the donor’s intent when they make a gift.  Here is some information that may interest you.

The Maker Hub first started in 2015 with funding from Booked for the Evening 2014. With event funds, the library purchased 3-D printers and materials, design tools, and various pieces of technology dealing with robotics, circuitry, textile arts and more. We are honored to support the library’s efforts to fill the technology gap and digital divide. Thank you, Booked 2014 attendees.

The Imagination Library of Eugene and Children’s Literacy got a boost from Booked for the Evening 2015. With donor funding, participation in the Imagination Library grew 30% through the following year.  A literate populace builds a healthy community. Thank you, Booked 2015 attendees.

The Maker Van got off the ground with generous gifts from Booked for the Evening 2016. Realizing the need to increase access to the tools of technology, the Maker Van travels to every corner of our community. Visitors learn about tools of the modern age like 3D printers, Computer Numerical Control or CNC wood milling, circuitry, robotics, photo formatting and every resource available in the library’s primary Makerspace downtown.  Many thanks to Booked for the Evening 2016 donors.

The Teen Center Remodel and Expansion started in 2018 after receiving funding from Booked for the Evening 2017. The project is ongoing at this time, but has already enjoyed increased teen use. Interim Library Services Director Mia Cariaga reports that up to 80 teens have participated in teen center activities since the expansion. Great progress is being made for Eugene’s teens.  You did it, Booked 2017 donors!

Booked for the Evening 2018 is shaping up to be the best Booked yet! Honorary Chairs Representative Philip Barnhart and Florence Barnhart are thrilled to be promoting literacy for all ages in “Take a Magic Carpet Ride: A Celebration of Literacy.” If you can read, the world lays at your fingertips and you are never alone. It’s like riding a magic carpet, which you can do at this year’s event with virtual reality and green screen photos. Register today for this fantastical event and build literacy for all. Register here for Booked for the Evening 2018!

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