Imagination Library Celebrates Progress



Remember the date: June 11, Mayor Lucy Vinis will proclaim Imagination Library Day for the city of
Eugene. Radio stations across the city will be interviewing families who have graduated from the
program as well as committee members who continue to promote the program.

The Imagination Library program is part of a nationwide effort to encourage literacy and family bonding
by sending a book a month to preschoolers from birth to age five. The program was founded by Dolly
Parton, but the local program is funded by local patrons through the Eugene Public Library Foundation.
Recent research indicates that children who receive the Imagination Library books are more school-
ready than those who don’t. A donation to the Imagination Library can be made via the Library
Foundation website.

Save another date as well: Thursday, September 12, will be the Imagination Library
Luncheon—celebrating the program and informing the community of its value.

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