Memorial & Honorary Gifts

A named contribution is a meaningful and lasting way to commemorate a person’s memory, celebration, or life milestone in a way that also benefits the Eugene Public Library.

Your kind gift is a way of guaranteeing that access to information and excellent programs will continue for the over 3,500 people who come to the library every day. The Eugene Public Library Foundation supports many library programs and materials with the help of generous donors like you. We hope you will have a measure of comfort and satisfaction, knowing that you are enriching the lives of so many.

We are deeply grateful that you would consider a gift to the Library Foundation as you face the most important moments of your lives.

Make a named donation now.

The following donors have selected to recognize their loved ones by giving a gift to the Eugene Public Library Foundation. We are grateful for their thoughtful and generous support.

In Memory Of

Shirley Tyree

Thank you, Ruth Erickson

Dick Easley

  Thank you, Christina Farverud and Mark Pangborn 

Sylvia Lee

  Thank you, Cabe Nicksic, Barb Alberty and Linda Honn

Ruth G. Furniss

  Thank you, George Furniss

Ellen Galson Ritteman

Thank you, Sofia and Patrick McManus

Gretchen Studd

Thank you, Nowell Ann King

Ann Byrne

Thank you, Donna Byrne, Doris Byrne and Andrew Byrne

Bernard Church

    Thank you, Joanne Gulvig

Jim Ellison

        Thank you, Marie Matsen

Fran Ross

        Thank you, John Bredesen

Brady Lahr

         Thank you, Beverly Lahr

Anne Bonine

        Thank you, Barbara Aten

Brenda Clarke

        Thank you, Vincenza Scarpaci 

Florence Date Smith

         Thank you, Vincenza Scarpaci

Hunt Mezger

        Thank you, Elise & Ray Weldon 

Jack Morris

       Thank you, Barbara Berkley

Malcolm Scott

Dale Crawford

       Thank you, Julie Aspinwall-Lamberts

Malcolm Scott

       Thank you, Vernon Gleaves 

Mitzi Dwyer

       Thank you, Kathleen Dillon

Janice Duran
Thank you, Robin Cassidy-Duran & Paul Duran

Sally Huling
Thank you, Colby Huling

Alice Mae Boss & LaDeane Pryor
Thank you, Chris & Rosemary Pryor

Adam Waritu
Thank you, Anetra Brown

Devon DeLage
Thank you, Charlene & William DeLage

Jane Purtill
Thank you, Nancy Purtill

Jim Ellison
Thank you, Julie Aspinwall-Lamberts

Dorothy Anker
Thank you, Judith Plotz

Barbara Allen
       Thank you, Joan Bayliss & Irwin Noparstak

Maddy Babkes

       Thank you, Melissa Finch, Vicki Swanson,                      Berry Broadbent & Diane Bishop

Peggy Taylor, who taught us a love of reading
       Thank you, Dan & Val Close

Ruth Carter & Margaret R. Gordon
       Thank you, Terry & Ann Carter

Brady Lahr
       Thank you, Beverly Lahr

Thomas F. Fairs
       Thank you, Wendy Harris

Diana Safdie & Irene Bader
       Thank you, Chuck Bader & Lois Safdie

Murl Edmund Faulk
       Thank you, Stuart Faulk & Vickie SkellCerf

Bonnie Thompson
       Thank you, Susan Crawford

Mariah Schneider
       Thank you, Judy Volem

Sara Orr Blonigen
       Thank you, John Blonigen

Sandi Morgen
       Thank you, Ellen Herman & Friends

In Honor Of

Zeppo Kenye

  Thank you, Dottie Kemp

Vicki Strand

Thank you, Timbra Long

Alan & Nancy Meyer

Kathellen Johnson

        Thank you, Kathellen Johnson

Erica Anderson 

        Thank you, Penelope & Peter Lapham 

For the birthday of Evan Howard Barrett

        Thank you, John & Jo Ann Sengle 

Happy Birthday Holden Schafermeyer – Wow, you have gotten so big!!

       Thank you, Brooke Stehley

Sharon Posner

        Thank you, Faris Hall Cassell and Ellen Todras 

Happy Birthday, Fisher Schafermeyer – keep up the reading!
Thank you, Brooke Stehley

Deb Hiatt
Thank you, Jean Phelps

All of the wonderful kindergartners, who listened raptly as I read to them each day.
Thank you, Terrye Eames

Louise Furukawa
Thank you, Lynne Hellesvig

Beth Maurer & Fred Maurer
       Thank you, Shawn Maurer

Connie Bennett
       Thank you, Denise Smith

Fisher Steffenen-Schafermeyer
       Thank you, Zach & Brooke Stehley

Fred Buchanan
       Thank you, Glenn & Renee Buchanan

Marsha Miller
       Thank you, Jean Phelps

Mary Malmgren
       Thank you, Vicky Mello

Rama Buchanan
       Thank you, Glenn & Renee Buchanan

Ruth G. Furniss
       Thank you, George Furniss

Suzie Johansen
       Thank you, Kori Allen

Wayne Tate
       Thank you, Joyce Owen


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